Day cares

Making it Easier to be Sustainable

My focus is to help daycares in their mission to reduce landfill and reach their goals of heading towards being waste-free. I’ve talked to day cares and while they would love to go Eco-friendly, they just don’t have the time or want to add washing nappies into their already busy day of taking such good care of our tamariki.

This is where I come in. I can take care of this for you and together we can help reduce the landfill one nappy at a time!


Easy to use and obviously reusable.
You don’t have to do the washing
Saves 100’s of disposable nappies going into landfill each week
Saves money on landfill waste
Less chemicals!
Less likely to get nappy rash
Easier to toilet train as toddlers feel that they are wet
Reduce your carbon footprint
Soft and easy to breathe on little bums
Softer material on skin
Great colours

Make Washing Not Landfill

– Kendell founder of Baby Addictions

Daycare Laundry Service

Contact Us
We visit you to talk through our service.
We Deliver It
We deliver your nappies fresh and clean!
Nappy Time
You use the nappies and put them in the bins provided.
We Collect & Clean
We collect them so you don't have to worry about washing!
We have been using the nappies for a while now and have found them easy and simple to use. The extra gusset is great and adds extra protection. The nappies sit well on the children and aren't hard to make up either. The simplicity of having to put the nappy bags into a bin and then having all the nappies returned clean is one less thing we need to think about and saves us a lot of time!

What do the costs include?

The nappies are counted after each pick up, with the Hire and Washing cost per nappy be added up and invoiced weekly. The nappies are delivered in containers, while the inserts and liners are in reusable laundry bags.

The Set-up fee helps to cover the costs of the nappy bins, the wheelie bin for outside the daycare (for dirty nappies) and laundry bags.

The Annual fee goes towards the maintenance and renewal of the nappies, inserts, laundry bags and nappy bins.

Travel cost is for South Taranaki areas, which can be discussed when signing up tot he service if this is applicable to your daycare.

What sizes do the nappies come in?

Newborn (2kg-6kg)
Standard Fit (4kg-14kg)
Medium Fit (8kgs-18kgs)
Large Fit (up to 28kgs)
Toilet Training Undies

Do you take us through using the nappies?

Absolutely! I will come in and meet the staff and see where is best to store the clean nappies, the dirty nappy bins and the outside wheelie bin. As well as teach the staff how to fit the reusable nappies for each child. I’m more than happy to come in and teach your new staff members when they start how to use the nappies and provide a ‘Fit Guide’.

Where do we put all the dirty nappies?

We supply you with a wheelie bin and we pick up Monday, Wednesday and Friday. With Friday being a later pick up so you don’t have any nappies sitting around over the weekend!