What kind of nappies do you sell?
We offer 2 styles – Newborn and OSFM (One Size Fits Most)
With the 4 types of OSFM, we have Standard, Outer leg gusset, Premium and Large Standard

What’s the difference in sizes and styles?
Newborn – Are a smaller fit, with external leg gussets (helps to stop the poo explosions) and have a velcro waist fastening. With domes to make the thigh gap smaller. Pocket style = you can put the inserts into the pocket or lay it on top on white suede lining. Fits from prem to approx 5 months.
OSFM Standard –  Pocket style with white suede lining, comes with your choice of insert or the shell by itself.  Fits approx 3kg – 16kg.
Outer Leg Gusset – Pocket style with white suede lining, with external leg gussets (helps to stop the poo explosions) and with comes with your choice of insert or the shell by itself.  Fits approx 3kg – 16kg.
OSFM Premium – Pocket style with charcoal bamboo lining, internal double gussets (helps to stop the poo explosions) and comes with your choice of insert or the shell by itself.  Fits approx 4kg – 18kg.
OSFM Large Standard – Pocket style with white suede lining, internal double gusset, comes with your choice of insert or the shell by itself.  Fits approx 12kg – 30kg.

All nappies (expect newborn) are done up by domes, a set of domes for the thigh gap and another set of domes for the waist size. So can be used until toilet training.

What kind of inserts do you have?
New born – 4 layered microfibre insert
Microfibre – 4 layered microfibre insert
Charcoal Bamboo – 5 layered insert: Outer 2 layers Bamboo Charcoal, with inner 3 layers Microfibre.
White Bamboo – 4 layered 100% bamboo
Hemp – 4 layered 100% hemp
Tri-fold Muslin Cotton – 4 layers on the sides and the centre section has 8 layers all of 100% Muslin Cotton

All inserts are sold individually or in bulk packs of 10, packs are cheaper.
The list of types of inserts listed above are listed from least absorption at the top to the highest absorption towards the bottom of the list.

When baby gets bigger his/her bladder gets bigger meaning you will need more absorption in your nappies. You can ‘boost’ nappies, meaning get higher absorbent inserts and put them in the same nappy pocket. Put the lowest absorbent inserts closet to babies skin ie: microfibre on top then the hemp on the bottom as this will help draw moisture away from babies skin.

Where are the nappies designed and made?
We design the nappies here in New Zealand alongside our suppliers, select the fabrics or design our own patterns and colours. We also pick the colour of the domes used, how we want the nappy set out and which nappies have internal or external double gussets. The nappies are made in China.  

Why don’t you make them in NZ?
Reason number one is there is no where in New Zealand that makes the PUL (Polyurethane laminate aka the waterproof material). They can’t be made anywhere in New Zealand as we don’t have the industrial companies like they do overseas. Our hope at Baby Addictions is one day we will have companies in New Zealand that can make it and we can have our nappies made here in New Zealand

Secondly, it’s cheaper. To make our nappies affordable for New Zealand we have to outsource. With the main reason New Zealand families not getting into reusable cloth nappies being the start up costs (the second reason is the washing, hence our Baby Addictions Laundry Service opened in Taranaki). Our goal is to encourage more families to use cloth nappies so we designed nappies with a range of styles, colours and prices to help bring everyone a product they love and can afford. 

How many cloth nappies do I need to buy?
How long is a piece of string, there’s lots to take into account. Short story: for full time use Baby Addictions recommends 26 cloth nappies. It should be enough for you to have 2 days worth of cloth nappies, with a couple extra so you have time to wash and dry every 2 days. But at the end of the day if you can only afford to have 1 or 2, start with that and you’ll be saving money and landfill.

Will it save me money?
Yes, absolutely! I personally saved just under $5,000 by the time my daughter was 2 years old. A disposable nappy averages about 55c. And you use at least 5,000 disposable nappies by the time they’re 2 years old plus the wipes. Baby Addictions nappies should last right through until your little one is toilet trained, and if washed correctly will last for future children too.

How do I wash them?

1. Rinse poo off into toilet, seperate insert and shell. Then put into an bucket until washing day.

2. I did the pre-wash cycle every 1-2 days, this helps gets extra bits off and rinses the nappies. Do the pre-wash on a warm cycle 40-60°C using your normal washing cycle about an hour. I use Fab washing powder but Persil (liquid or powder) is what is highly recommended by Clean Cloth Nappies.
I usually have two loads of pre-washed nappies together to go into my main wash.

3. I carry out the main wash every 2-3 days (I usually have two loads of pre-washed nappies together to go into my main wash to fill the washing machine). The main wash is a long 3 hour cycle, or as close to 3 hours as you can get at 60°C. This is to get rid of urine and poo build up and give a thorough clean.

4. Line dry, nappy shell can NOT go in the drier as the laminated layer will melt. Inserts can go in the drier, which I recommend to do every few months to fluffy the inserts up and keep them soft. Don’t add any bleach or fabric softeners etc as they can damage the nappies

Do I have to deal with poo?
Yes, with any nappies (including disposables), poo should be going down the toilet. But it doesn’t mean you have to touch it!  I find it best to have a “poo knife”, my husband and I found it easiest to have a old blunt butterknife that we left in the toilet, and had labelled as the poo knife. We used it to scrap the poo off the nappy into the toilet. Unfortunately poo is part of partnering.
If you’re local in Taranaki and don’t want to deal with the washing, have a look at our Baby Addictions Laundry Service.

How can I pay?
We’ve got options!  You can use your credit card, Visa debit card or PayPal. If you want to bank transfer or pay off a larger order contact us on social media or email us at kendell@babyaddictions.co.nz to sort this out.

What’s your policy around privacy and my details?
Your privacy is incredibly important to us.  We will not disclose or sell your information or anyone. Credit card details are not stored anywhere and is dealt with by PayPal.

More questions?  Email us at kendell@babyaddictions.co.nz