Nappy Laundry

Taking care of little bums and the environment

Hi I’m Kendell, I run and own Baby Addictions Laundry Service. I’m a mum of one, to my daughter Mia, and husband Dustin. Both of who are my greatest supporters. I’ve saved nearly $5,000 worth of nappies going to landfill by using reusable cloth nappies on my daughter. So, we can understand the environmental and financial value of changing to reusable cloth nappies – even if it part-time or just during the day or even just one a day makes a difference.

I want to help parents and day cares change over to reusable cloth nappies to help reduce landfill. The most common reason parents and day cares don’t want to start reusable cloth nappies is they don’t want to do the washing. I take that problem out of the equation by providing the laundry service.

I’m more than happy to do the washing for you so you can have the free time to spend with your little one(s) and so teachers don’t have to worry about washing nappies and can just focus on the children.

Our Service


With Baby Addictions’ Laundry Service you hire and use our nappies. We wash, sanitise, dry and deliver them directly to your door! We do the hard work while you see the benefits of saving the environment and your money!

Starting up

After a consultation with Kendell and the start up payment is made, you can begin straight away. You will be supplied with a nappy bin, laundry bags, nappies, inserts and nappy liners.

Taranaki Laundry Service

Apply Online
We have a consultation on using our nappies
We Deliver It
We deliver your nappies and give you a demonstration how they all work
Nappy Time!
You use the nappies and collect them in the big buckets provided.
We Collect & Clean
We collect them & deliver your fresh clean nappies (Monday,Wednesday&Friday)

Full Laundry & Hire

Subscribe to our full laundry & hire

Includes however many nappies you require per week, laundering and deliveries

Toilet training undies also available.

Cost: $40 per week

More Kids?

We’ve got you!

We have discounted rates for additional children.

Each additional child: $30 extra per week

    When do you pick up/drop off?

    3 Times a week Monday/Wednesday/Friday

    What if I’m not home?

    No problem! We will discuss a dry safe area for you to leave them for whenever you’re not home.
    Contactless nappy swaps are easy and safe to do.

    How do I use reusable nappies?

    We give you a full consultation and demo on our first visit. If you have any questions about whether reusables is right for you, please contact us, we are happy to help! Also, we provide flyers on how to fit the nappy and what to do when removing; they come with step by step instructions so males can even follow along 😂