Bamboo Insert

Bamboo Insert


Baby Addictions Inserts

Baby Addictions is located in Taranaki and is here to help you with your baby needs. We have a wide range of inserts which can be mixed and matched to all of our nappies (excluding new born nappies which can only have the new born or Tri-fold inserts).

Baby Addictions Bamboo Insert are 4 ply and made from 100% bamboo. Which can be brought individually, pack of 10 or when buying nappies can be selected to add it to the nappy combo.

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  • Soft material which is nice and gentle on babies skin
  • 4 layers
  • Quick drying insert
  • Soft and easy to use
  • Easy to wash and dry!
  • Can be line dried or machine dried. (Note: shells are not to be put in the drier)
  • 35cm x 13.5cm


Care Instructions:

  • Wash items before use
  • Check out the Facebook group ‘Clean Cloth Nappies’ for information and advice on washing routines!
  • Recommended washing instructions:

                    1. Rinse soiling off, seperate insert and shell.

                    2. Pre-wash cycle: within 1-2 days in 60°C water

                    3. Main wash cycle: within 2-3 days in 60°C water for a 3 hour cycle

                    4. Line dry

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Individual, 10 Pack