Bright Fishies Wet Bag

Bright Fishies Wet Bag


Baby Addictions Wet Bags

Having great coloured wet bags to match your amazing reusable nappies is the way to go!  Baby Addictions is located in Taranaki and is here to help you with your baby needs.

Each bag has a “wet” section that is sealed for no leaking AND has a dry zippered section along with a clever handle for easy carrying. Allowing you to carry your wet and dry items in the same bag!

The Standard size is great for using in the nappy bag, and all those baby spills. As well as holding 5-7 reusable nappies you’ll have so many uses. Approximate size: 35cm x 30cm with handle length of 12cm.

The Large size is perfect for toilet training and daycare, with plenty of room for all those dirty/wet clothes to go into. Or having sports clothes or swimming lessons for each child. Approximate size: 45cm x 40cm with handle length of 14cm.

In the Extra Large size I can fit 3 towels and 3 sets of clothing as well as treats/snacks, phone, wallet, car keys and still have space left over! It can also be used for overnight bag, muddy sports clothes, toilet training, reusable  nappies the list goes on. Our wet bags have so many uses and with amazing patterns and loves you can stand out. Approximate size: 62cm x 45cm with handle length of 16cm.

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  • Multiple different colours and sizes
  • Multiple uses: daycare, swimming, toilet training, book bag, nappies and more!
  • Machine washable
  • Made with 100% waterproof PUL  to stop leaks
  • 2 sections for dry and wet clothing or just more room
  • Handle that has a dome for attaching to bags (Standard and Large sizes only)


Any size wet bag is perfect in summer for a swim bag or in winter for a book bag! Having this bag at school or daycare can also be used wet and muddy clothes, reusable nappies, spare undies and wipes when toilet training, I even put my cell phone and car keys in one for wet days when going out for walks or Saturday sports! Wet Bags have so many uses and with amazing patterns and loves you can stand out.

Summer = Swim Bag
Winter = Sports or Book Bag

Please note: if using for swimming please ring out excess water prior to putting items in bag or wrap togs in towel.

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