New Born Nappy – Grey

New Born Nappy – Grey


Baby Addictions Reusable Nappy

Baby Addictions is located in Taranaki and is here to help you with your baby needs.

Our New Born Reusable Cloth Nappies constant of a soft suede lining helping making them nice and comfortable against babies skin. 

Each New Born Baby Addiction Nappy comes with a nappy shell or your choice of insert. With babies having small bladders, it means smaller amounts of urine and not needing as much absorption. This will change as baby gets bigger and goes into toddler nappies, so as baby gets bigger you’ll need more absorption.

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  • Lined with soft suede which is nice and gentle on babies skin
  • Made with  100% waterproof PUL outer
  • Outer leg gusset, to help prevent poo-explosions
  • Easy to use Velcro, to tighten the waist
  • Two stages of domes to make the thigh gap smaller 
  • Easy to use, environmental friendly and very stylish!
  • Can be used for premature babies
  • Recommended use from as little as 2kgs to 8kgs (depending how chunky those thighs get)
  • Inserts: Can use the newborn microfibre or the large tri-fold insert, folded width ways
  • Your choice of shell only, 4 layered microfibre or 4/8/4 layered Tri fold inserts. See our information page about the differences.


Care Instructions:

  • Wash items before use
  • Check out the Facebook group ‘Clean Cloth Nappies’ for information and advice on washing routines!
  • Recommended washing instructions:

                    1. Rinse soiling off, seperate insert and shell.

                    2. Pre-wash cycle: within 1-2 days in 60°C water

                    3. Main wash cycle: within 2-3 days in 60°C water for a 3 hour cycle

                    4. Line dry

Note: For exclusively breastfeed (breast milk via bottle included) babies you don’t need to remove the poo first. This is because Breast milk babies poop is water soluble and very easy to clean off in normal rinse cycles.

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Shell Only, Shell + Microfibre Insert, Shell + Tri-Fold Insert