Training Underwear

Training Underwear


Baby Addictions Training Undies

Baby Addictions’ Training Undies are ideal for helping to finish the nappy stage and head onto undies! When your little one(s) are standing to understand that feeling of needing to go to the toilet and not quiet getting there in time; these undies are the answer to helping stop all those dribbles.

With 4 layers of material: TPU water resistant layer + absorbent cotton + velvet + pure cotton. These undies are a great help in holding small amounts of wee to help our littles learn when they’re wet. With extra room in case there is a number 2 accident, the legs bands help to hold it in.

Note: Training undies do not hold the whole bladder of urine, these are a toilet training tool not a nappy.



Size 3 training undies = size 1-3 pant size
Size 5 training undies = size 2-5 pant size
They do shrink slightly in the wash.
*If it helps my 2.5 year old daughter is 13kgs, wears size 2 pants, her hips are 41cm and she can fit both size 3 and size 5. However, the size 3 are a much better fit for her and the size 5 has room to grow.

Washing instructions: Normal washing cycle or if still using some reusable cloth nappies they can be put into the same wash cycle. Baby Addictions’ Training Undies can NOT go in the drier.


When do you do your little one is ready for toilet training?
Showing two or more of these signs is a great indicator:

  • Hiding to wee or poo in their nappies
  • Having a dry nappy for longer periods
  • Waking from a nap with a dry nappy
  • Showing interest in others going to the toilet or interest in the potty and/or the toilet
  • Can say when their nappy is wet or dirty
  • Can pull their pants and undies down


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