Tri-Fold Insert (Muslin Cotton)

Tri-Fold Insert (Muslin Cotton)


Baby Addictions Inserts

Baby Addictions is located in Taranaki and is here to help you with your baby needs. We have a wide range of inserts which can be mixed and matched to all of our nappies (excluding new born nappies which can only have the new born or Tri-fold inserts).

Baby Addictions Tri-fold are made of 100% Muslin Cotton and have 4 layers on the side and the center has 8 layers of 100% Muslin Cotton. Making this insert have 16 layers of material when folded! These inserts can be brought individually, pack of 10 or when buying nappies can be selected to add it to the nappy combo.

Can be used in any nappy. Fold length ways to fit standard nappies and width ways to fit new born nappies.

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  • Soft material which is nice and gentle on babies skin
  • For our heavy wetters and older babies
  • Highest absorption
  • Soft and easy to use
  • Easy to wash and dry!
  • Can be line dried or machine dried. (Note: shells are not to be put in the drier)
  • 36.5cm x 33.5cm
  • Tri-fold length ways to fit standard nappies and width ways to fit new born nappies

Care Instructions:

  • Wash items before use
  • Check out the Facebook group ‘Clean Cloth Nappies’ for information and advice on washing routines!
  • Recommended washing instructions:

                    1. Rinse soiling off, seperate insert and shell.

                    2. Pre-wash cycle: within 1-2 days in 60°C water

                    3. Main wash cycle: within 2-3 days in 60°C water for a 3 hour cycle

                    4. Line dry

*Note: Since is a natural fibre will shrink after washing and drying this is perfectly normal

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